Why Serena Security

Serena security is a privately held corporation with U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas. The main provider of live video monitoring solutions. We concentrate on proactive and sensible video monitoring technology that may appreciably enhance hazard detection and police response. We apply the “WAAA” method in our corporation, which means;

1. We Watch

Serena security’s live monitoring skills cover the entire United States in order that we are able to shield your property, regardless of what. We offer prominent solutions for large commercial enterprises, in addition to small and mid-sized enterprises. Our expert operators presently screen over 30,000+ cameras from 2 tracking studios, looking for suspicious behavior in actual time. Our technology permits simultaneous perspectives at any time.

2. We Alert

At Serena security, we don’t anticipate crime to happen. Audio voice-down communications offer a spontaneous deterrent towards criminal activity by letting criminals know they had been spotted. The speaker indicators can send suspects running earlier than they cause any theft or vandalism.

3. We Take Action

We react in real-time, frequently resulting in police responses before suspects go away from your property. Catching criminals in the act leads to extra arrests and fewer repeat crimes. Our skilled operators can stay on the phone to direct law enforcement agencies to wherein the incident is occurring, even presenting real-time records including the description, location, and behavior of the suspects.

4. We Analyze

Serena security’s video assessment department is available to offer superior customer support. Cameras record site activities on a neighborhood NVR which may be very valuable, particularly while combating costly liability claims. Our analysts can prevent time with the aid of using studying photos and records to respond to research requests effective immediately.

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    Our live video monitoring capabilities cowl South Central America. No depend on where your property is, we will protect your assets.


    We react in real-time, often ensuing in police responses at the same time as trespassers are still on site. Catching criminals inside the act results in greater arrests and fewer repeat crimes.


    We have 1200+ locations as well as operational skills spanning throughout South America. We get to recognize every vicinity in which we function so we are able to address particular challenges at each location.


    We serve and protect big commercial enterprises, and houses, in addition to small and mid-sized enterprises as well. Our tailor-made solutions suggest our client base keeps growing.


    We monitor your whole live video surveillance network and take immediate action when we see suspicious activity or discover a network problem.


    Advanced video analytics and effective hardware solutions integrate to offer our monitoring group the equipment needed to achieve results. Our devoted R&D group remains at the pinnacle of the latest technology for our client’s benefit.


    We have advanced our solutions by operating on hundreds of tasks and companies for over 9+ years. Our 450-certified staff is devoted to providing excellent customer service.


    Our solution improves police reaction time considering that criminal activity is visible in progress.


    Monitored security cameras provide a better, more thorough, and greater reliable stage of safety than human guards at a fraction of the cost and with much less liability.

    Why Serena Security

    Serena security’s live video surveillance monitoring service can save you money. Security guards are steeply-priced and were caught napping on the job. We can guard your investment against costly maintenance due to break-ins or having to update stolen equipment. Having the 3rd eye can also lessen damage due to fire, water, or perhaps wild animals.
    Alerting the proper first responders to the scene may want to make a difference in a whole loss. Serena security is the best answer for protecting your home with the resource of the usage of the best and modern-day far-flung video surveillance in Houston, and protection camera technology to keep you protected.


    Here we covered the best aspects of Serena’s security and why should you choose us. At Serena security, you can get the best live and remote video surveillance service at very affordable rates.