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What is CCTV Camera Surveillance and How Does it Work?

In the 21st century, when technology is evolving at a greater level, it is also helping to lower the crime rate by 16% per annum. CCTV plays a significant role during this period. We all are familiar with the term CCTV (closed circuit television), first created in 1942 by a German scientist to monitor the V2 rockets. Later it was adopted by American scientists to monitor the testing of atomic bombs.

The working of CCTV cameras is not that complicated, but it does vary on the type of system you’re using. However, the overall process is the same. Consisting of at least one camera, lens, monitor, and recorder. The closed circuit system can either be used to monitor live proceedings such as in a supermarket or documented for later reference.

The complete CCTV system consists 5 main components;

  1. Security Cameras (Analog or Digital Camera)
  2. Cables (RJ45 or RJ59 Cables)
  3. Video Recorders (DVR or NVR)
  4. Storage Units – Typically Hard Disks
  5. Display Units – Monitors

Moreover, many kinds of CCTV cameras are out there. A few of them which are widely used are summarised, and the benefits of the systems are mentioned below.

  1. Dome CCTV Cameras
  2. Infrared CCTV Cameras
  3. Wireless CCTV Cameras
  4. Bullet CCTV Cameras

Network vs Analog CCTV Camera Systems

The working of CCTV cameras totally depends on the system, we mentioned the pros and cons of the two general CCTV cameras system.

1. Network CCTV system

Pro: Enable remote monitoring, doesn’t require network cabling, generic mobile and allows the automation of surveillance processes.

Con: Can be expensive to buy out of the box, entail a better learning curve, and are in danger from hackers.

2. Analog CCTV system

Pro: Cheaper and less complicated installation than a network CCTV system with more supplier guides available.

Con: Lower resolution, extra cabling required, and doesn’t facilitate data encryption.

4 Big Benefits of Usage of CCTV Cameras

As we know, how essential CCTV cameras are in every aspect, from your house monitoring to live video surveillance of businesses. Below we mentioned 4 major benefits of CCTV cameras such as;

  1. Crime management
  2. Community street monitoring
  3. Medical monitoring
  4. Market research

1. Crime management

Surveillance cameras can detect potential crimes. It helps law enforcement to investigate the crime and later helps the prosecution with the evidence in the court of law. Areas like Chicago, and Maryland showed a reduction in crimes, because of public surveillance. In fact, China has been recorded as having the highest public surveillance cameras in the world and the crime rate is reduced by 6.26% annually. Used in conjunction with CCTV, audio, thermal and other types of sensors can alert authorities about the activity that is occurring at that particular moment, which further helps to prevent damage as much as possible.

2. Community street monitoring

Cameras at traffic lights and somewhere else in town, monitor people to accumulate traffic statistics. Some sensory nodes consist of security cameras that examine the data, with the intention to protect people’s privacy and not transmit or store those data. 4K camera mounted for road safety will assist the traffic police to hit upon the offender in the event of predominant injuries and minor tiffs. It will prevent drivers from over-speeding, and crossing signals and could lessen the activities of accidents.

3. Medical monitoring

Surveillance cameras monitor patients – for instance, youngsters or the aged to perceive potential medical crises, along with a stroke, or an epileptic or bronchial allergies attack. Smart CCTV cameras broadcast live video footage 24/7, supporting responders to track each place of the health facility attentively even as sitting in a single location. Operators can carefully watch out for any suspicious activity, capable threat, patient distress, overcrowding, or any kind of malpractice taking place inside the hospital.

4. Market research

Market intelligence garnered from video surveillance of clients is getting used to research the latest trends and permit improved strategies i.e. how people shop, which aisles they navigate the most, and how possibly they reply to calls to action inside different store layouts. Heat maps can display the highs and lows of consumer traffic at unique places in a store, assisting shops to become aware of peak shopping times, desired merchandising types, and staffing necessities for peak buying periods.


As CCTV camera systems are an important aspect of today’s society, you need to know everything about it, whether finding a reliable service provider company that will not compromise the security of you and your property or engaging with the pros and cons of the cameras and its system.

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