Remote Video Monitoring

Serena Security’s Cameras are mounted on every corner of the Houston, Texas.

Self-triggering cameras or AI-enabled capturing cameras often take too much time before reporting or sounding an alarm which gives a lot of time to intruders or criminals to escape. Auto-triggering cameras quite often make false alarms which results in false calls to the authorities which decreases the trust over these traditional security systems.

Serena, the best security video company presents the more authentic and better approach to live and remote video monitoring and surveillance services. We have fully experienced staff and security personals who guard every inch of the area of your property to prevent any danger before even it seems to occur. Our men behind the remote cameras monitor every aspect of your premises to check if there is any suspicious person or activity going on near your property. With our live video and security camera services, we capture the faces and whole appearance of the intruder or criminal and contact with the police department sharing every detail with the police department even before they could damage or trespass into your premises.

We have the best HD video monitoring cameras available which records and captures every moment with clarity and zero blurriness. Not like the cameras installed in every other street we have the customized cameras as we don’t take risks regarding our client’s safety. Our cameras also have an AI auto capturing feature that detects the danger by itself and warns before the incident occurs.

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    Remote Video Monitoring Solutions

    Many organizations rely on security and armored guards to keep their properties secure. But the thing with guards is they cannot see nor they could be present everywhere. With Serena’s best remote video monitoring, our behind the camera security personals could see everywhere and in any direction with the more clear and focused coverage. No human life gets in danger with this and at the same time the property gets secured.

    We provide the best security consultancy with the option of customize solution fitting it according to your needs depending on the place, nearby conditions and the aim of getting our live security monitoring service.

    We will fix the cameras at the positions both on the fronts and hidden to avoid and stop the danger. Cameras on the front will warn the intruders that they are being watched and hidden cameras will give the footage from every angle so that no way any danger could come near your boundary.

    Major Benefits
    Save Money: At least 40% less than security guards
    24×7 Active: Always monitoring your site
    Max Covering: We observe the whole area simultaneously
    Extremely Fast Response: Police response for verified crime time is in seconds
    Records Footage: Stores video proof of each second

    What makes us different…?

    1. Video Evidences Anytime

    Serena security department is at your service 24×7 to provide you with the video based proof of the incident.

    2. Instant Repair

    We at Serena identify the technical problems of the cameras installed and we repair it before you could even know.

    3. Training

    We provide special training to your team to make them understand the working of the surveillance system.

    4. Night Vision

    Our cameras are built to properly record with the clearest video monitoring footage possible with the ability to capture an ant at night.

    5. Custom Services

    We provide the real-time video surveillance services which are just according to your needs and go well with your budget.

    6. Security Backup

    We are linked with every police department. Police is just a button press away.

    7. Cloud Storage

    We will save and store every video of every little incident in full HD quality for investigation purposes.


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