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Everyone is familiar with security cameras and CCTV monitoring so it might seem obvious. However, People are concerned about what to choose, how to choose, or whether installing a surveillance camera is worth it.

Nowadays, there are so many CCTV monitoring set-ups such as Thermal cameras, IP cameras, and Analogue cameras. Indeed it is hard to choose the best surveillance system for your premises. Hence we’ve prepared a detailed guide to help you learn all about CCTV…

Who can view CCTV footage?

Ever questioned who can view CCTV footage and whether or not operators really can watch all those video display units at the same time? With around 50 million cameras in the US alone, who can view the footage is a common concern.

If you’re captured on a CCTV camera, footage of you counts as private records that may be used to identify you. Moreover, there may be stringent data protection laws in the vicinity on how companies can employ video monitoring.

You can request recordings of yourself from companies if you have been captured on their video tracking systems. Under the “Data Protection Act”, they must oblige your request within one calendar month, until it’d compromise a culprit investigation or someone else’s identification additionally in the footage.

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    How to Install a CCTV System?

    • Mark the spot in which you’ll connect the bracket for mounting.
    • Attach and steady the camera.
    • Install the DVR (Digital Video Recorder)in a stable spot.
    • Plan and aline the cable pathways from the cameras to the DVR.
    • Connect the community cable to the internet router.
    • Connect each CCTV camera to the DVR or NVR.
    • Once the whole thing is set up and powered on, take a look at the video feed to see if the cameras are capturing their intended areas.

    Remote CCTV Monitoring Services
    Serena Offers

    As a leading company of security monitoring services for your premises, our remote software program allows you to monitor your premises 24/7 to make certain on-site safety. Surveillance offerings are operated for real-time video surveillance, tracking threats, monitoring intruders, and alerting authorities when needed. Some of the exceptional remote CCTV monitoring services we offer include;

    Video Surveillance and Monitoring

    We assist your business to set up the CCTV camera monitoring and connect it to a relevant station that Serena’s professional team will monitor round the clock. Further, our CCTV surveillance group will let you place up and manage video observations in public regions as well.

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    Quality Control

    The head of Serena’s monitoring department will oversee the activities and offerings of CCTV operators. They additionally carry out normal and unplanned audits to make sure overall performance stays at the best level.

    These procedures help make the process smooth and efficient.

    Testing, Checks, and Maintenance

    Serena security’s monitoring services also consist of regular testing of facilities to ensure that the preferred quality surveillance is supplied to the clients.

    We take a look at light conditions, camera operations, remote control skills for panning and zooming, audio levels, community signaling strength, and volumetric, motion, and different detection devices.


    Benefits of Serena’s Integrated CCTV
    Surveillance Solutions

    Serena security protects your property from illegal activities with the aid of using imparting surveillance. We use state-of-the-art technology to respond often to crises, performing as a disincentive that detects intruders effective immediately.

    24/7 Protection

    When you’re taking Serena security’s CCTV monitoring services, you get 24/7 protection for your property.

    Strong proof of activities

    Serena security monitors numerous activities on your premises and we assist you to become free from liabilities. Thus, you don’t need to take note of what people are claiming without any proof.

    Minimized losses from theft and vandalism

    We reports you and the authorities immediately when something suspicious prompts. This minimizes the losses from robbery and vandals.


    We provide affordable remote CCTV monitoring services. Serena security lets you lessen the price of operations and installation

    Flow insights

    If you own a business where a massive number of people come each day, you need to analyze the consumer flow. Serena security prepares insightful reports concerning the consumption flows on your ground.

    Outsource CCTV Monitoring Services for
    Unique Surveillance

    Leveraging our expertise not only allows you to monitor your premises effectively but additionally offers you access to easily retrievable records and detailed repute reports. Serena security’s panel of workers recommends and helps you implement the best alternatives such as;

    • Monitoring, transmitting, and recording images.
    • Access live footage on cellular devices such as your smartphones.
    • Safeguard your premises across the clock.

    Curious how our CCTV monitoring services can help you? Get in contact with Serena security now for customized CCTV monitoring solutions that precisely cater to your needs.


    CCTV monitoring is vital for today’s society, which helps businesses to grow, the crime rate to lower, and for houses to protect your loved ones and your assets. With the growing number of crimes, it’s best to stay protected and secure.