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Live Video Monitoring or Security Guards? Which Is Better?

When thinking about having strong security for their businesses, individuals come across many solutions such as CCTV surveillance, video monitoring, and security guards. But to find out which solution is better and reliable for their business can be challenging because of so many choices around.

The most common confusion occurs between whether to have live video monitoring for security guards and which one is better for their business security. Here are some aspects of seeing live video monitoring or security guards, which is a better choice for your business security needs.

1. How Live Video Monitoring Is a Better Security Option?

Video surveillance services have been used in businesses for a long time now. And with the increasing technology, the expenses of video surveillance are also becoming reasonably OK and thus working on saving well.

Live video monitoring is a better option because it can fit it at retail centers, public halls, apartments, and other businesses to work with more reliability. With improved quality and increased space for recordings, the companies have approached video monitoring even more.

And evolving with recent upgrades of video monitoring in ways of maintaining storage, systematic tools and tactics, and efficient mobile phone accessibility has made companies more aware of it to keep their eyes on it. Because of these reasons, live video monitoring has become the most feasible and reliable security solution for many companies in many aspects.

2. How Can Security Guards Be a Better Option?

Whether you have a small startup or a large size business, you have to deal with every possible situation occurring, whether it’s the reality of vandalism, theft, or other criminals that can attack your business and its services. However, businesses like retailer stores, commercial banks, or other easy-to-target companies may need security guards on their side to deal with crises or thefts.

Guards, though, help in preventing the occurrence of crimes and have this ability to assist the coming people or customers to your business for maintaining regular privacy and security. With the availability of a security guard at your business, you, your workers, and your customers will achieve a sense of relief and peace of mind that will later be fine for building and maintaining trust.

Also, they will increase the employee’s work productivity at the offices because they will feel less scared and worried about their late-night duties and will be able to retain their jobs longer. It also shows customers that you are concerned about their security as responsible and careful business owners, and they can trust your business services even more.

3. Live Video Monitoring or Security Guards?

Although both live video monitoring and security guards are reliable solutions to their presence in any particular business. To make it even easier for you as a business owner to choose what you choose, here are different factors that you can look for while deciding the best, keeping in mind your business security needs.

4. Greater Response Time

No matter how well trained or prepared, any operator in your business can not watch out for the cameras available on the company.Rather than arguing over that, they will keep some higher operators looking for your products and services and call authorized teams if any situation occurs.

In that case, your business can trust upon a security guard itself for coping up with the crisis much faster in reaching out the police door than any primary video surveillance service operator.

A security guard might not be specifically aware of the actual problem occurring to your business because it can roll out to some other entrances that your business has.

A great way to ensure that your response time is feasible with working performance is to execute a hybrid mode that collectively adds a security guard along with a video monitoring service.

5. Security Guard Is a Human that Is Prone to Make Mistakes

If you are hiring a security guard for your business, you never know how he will react to certain circumstances and can act well or not over that time. How fast the security guard will respond to security is unpredictable, especially when the situations go off balance or threaten no end.

Security guards are humans in the end, and humans, however, can easily make mistakes somewhere intentionally or unintentionally and can react to anything in the panic rush.

Also, there are chances of the guards attacking and getting injured in the moment of heat or any fight, maybe which can resist additionally to make the right decisions.

So, before you hire any security guard for your business, make sure to keep in mind the factors and the consequences of their occurrences that can lead you to further bad situations.

6. Costs and Expenses

The costs and fees of security guards are sometimes not feasible for many businesses, even though their availability is helpful for companies to deal with crime well. And its cost will increase even more as your business will need multiple guards and various benefits, and one guard is never enough to go on for an optimal level of business security.

However, in general, their salary can vary according to their training, experience, skills, and working hours. The cost of video monitoring and necessary equipment is not that much comparatively. However, it is less because it’s a one-time cost and not like security guards who demand an expensive monthly wage.

7. Coverage For Real Estate

When you summarise the floor space of every roof, parking structure, basement, roof accessibility, and behind the building, most estates have many territories. The areas for security guards to keep their eye actively on and be efficient in watching every activity can be uneasy.

On the other, video surveillance or live video monitoring watches every activity occurring in your property or business every time. Criminals, while committing crimes, won’t be able to escape the cameras or videos fitted in except for the case when there will be no guards or are somewhere else meanwhile.


Both live video monitoring and security guards are beneficial and are better options in different aspects depending on a business’s security needs. Try Serena Security’s live video monitoring services for your business for better features and options.

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